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Why Custom Trainers?

Updated: May 3, 2023

Since the very first pair of running shoes were designed and produced in England back in 1895 by a British company called J.W.Foster & Sons, they have come a long long way, from being a running “trainer” to now being part of your fashionable look, fashion statement and social status.

First pair of running shoes by J.W.Foster & Sons (c.1895)
First pair of running shoes by J.W.Foster & Sons

In the fast paced, social media world of today, everyone from top athletes, actors and other celebrities want to have the best image possible and this includes the latest and rare trainers and footwear they can get their hands on.

Custom trainers have really grown in the last 5-6 years to a now big enterprise, literally works of art on your feet.

The designs and creations are only limited by your own imagination and skill set, anything is possible and there are some truly breath-taking pieces of art out there.

Custom trainers are becoming more and more popular with everyone, being able to have something no one else has or a VERY select few if there are limited number created.

So why Custom trainers? Simple answer is they are unique and if you have unique, you have status.

Pink Pumas, Pink themed Puma Kerman Rebelles Mids. For her upcoming Trustfall Tour, Summer Carnival Stadium Tour in Hyde Park this June (2023)
Pink themed Puma Kerman Rebelles Mids. Trustfall Tour, Summer Carnival, Hyde Park, June

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