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Tips on how to SPOT A FAKE…

Updated: May 11, 2023

Useful tips on how to spot a fake from the real deal when purchasing your trainers.

Beware of fake trainers

Now when you’re spending your hard earned money, the last thing you want is to find out your trainers are not what you paid for… RIGHT!

If you’re buying from a private seller then you are understandably always a little cautious and rightly so, you don’t know them and their own knowledge could not be up to scratch on spotting a fake. Or it could just be they are trying to dupe you out of your money. If you are buying from a legitimate site then no need to worry, right? WRONG! Fakes have been known to slip through the net of “genuine authenticity procedures“ on some trainer selling sites.

A well known and widely used stock site has had this problem, amount other sites. People have bought extremely good fakes that are £20-100 and paid £100’s, 1000’s and in a few cases £10,000’s. Last year's counterfeit market globally, exceeded an eye watering $3 trillion. That’s a monumental increase from the 2013 data of $461 billion, Nike being the most copied brand in the world.

So you need to be switched on to know what you are looking for so you don’t fall foul when spending your money.

Tip - 1 Texture Check

Nike Air trainers (sneakers for you across the pond fake) have a texture that is currently unable to be copied by counterfeiters. This is down to using a different material and their devices. Therefore in genuine Nike trainers you will notice a hardness in the leather that will be absent in the counterfeit ones.

Fake Nike

Tip 2 - Symmetry

You will also need to examine the symmetry of the trainers. If something looks asymmetrical, then it could be a counterfeit product.

Example shown in the image above with regards the sewn Nike Air on the heel

Tip 3 - Lace Holes

On genuine Nike Air Force 1’s (Adult sizes) there are 8 lace holes running down each side of the tongue. On some but not all there are only 6 running down each side. In conjunction with this, counterfeit laces holes run in a straight line. Whereas genuine Nike Air Force 1 lace holes are offset all the way down, with a slightly larger gap between the top hole and second hole. As shown in the below image.

Customised Nike

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