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How It Works

When ordering your unique, customised trainers. 50% of the cost is required up front to cover the cost of the trainers (the receipt is kept/emailed to you) and to buy materials. 50% deposit non-refundable. Depending on the trainers and design this can range from £70 (kids) upwards, depending on the chosen trainer/shoes. The more complex and detailed the design means more time to compete and therefore costs more. At this stage I create a digital mock-up of your trainers/design for your approval before any work is to start.


As you can appreciate you’re paying good money for something very unique so it takes time to get the best quality artwork. 


Once the artwork is complete the balance is to be paid in full with postage and then your amazing trainers will be posted out to you with tracking information. 


As you can understand these trainers are designed and customised for you the customer and therefore there are no returns. 


All designs are created by myself using photoshop, all trainer customisation is carried out by myself and painted by hand or with use of an airbrush. 

The paints I use are professional leather paints and are extremely durable, flexible and waterproof. I also apply I finisher (factory finish) once compete making the artwork set and more durable and long lasting. So no need to worry about wearing them anywhere! 


Refurbishment on trainers/shoes starts at £40 depending on the severity of work needed.


Postage to and from is your responsibility/cost and is not included in the cost of refurb. 

Added Options

As part of the design and customisation, extra options can be added such as custom tongue tag labels and custom insoles. Please note that these are designed by myself but made and shipped from the US. The cost for added custom insole and tongue tags £50 but in my opinion really make the trainers even more special, unique and look more professional.

Payment Options


Get in touch

If you would like us to contact you about your requirements, please just leave your name and email address below:

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